Hopefully your information is being guarded over by hardworking and knowledgeable information security specialists whose mission in life is to make sure that this data does not fall into the wrong hands. As you may have figured out, the work that these men and women conduct is critical to our economy, our corporations and our government. Have you ever considered a profession in information security? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), those who work in information security will see high-speed job growth and greater demand for skilled technicians at a 10 year projected growth rate of 16%. This of short course will generate a greater demand for information security professionals which will lead to increases in the expected earnings of those working within the profession.

According to Payscale.com, the current typical wage for a computer security expert is $70,943.00 per annum. Unlike a lot of information modern technology jobs, outsourcing data integrity or information security work will likely remain ill advised due to the different laws, policies and limitations placed on those corporations whose business it’s to have access to such sensitive information. As a result, job security is expected to remain robust.

Schooling will ofcourse remain crucial to this business sector. Individuals who have attained the proper credentials will not only be in the highest require but also are expected to see the highest paying jobs. For the people thinking about attaining a degree program in information security, the prospects in online training have never been better. If you are thinking about a degree program in information security, make an attempt to begin with the end in mind. What level of degree do you desire to attain? An associate’s, bachelor’s or even a master’s degree program?

An associate’s college degree will likely impart a very good amount of specialized expertise and allow for an entry level position to the masters. Fortunately an associate’s degree program might be received while working in direction of a bachelor college degree. A bachelor degree is generally considered the standard foundation from which an expert career is built and will of degree open lots of more doors than what would be expected from a two year degree.

Finally a graduate degree program would best serve people who already have a healthy amount of industry experience, for people seeking management positions or even for all those who already have an unrelated undergrad degree and that are looking at making a profession change.

In addition to earning a higher education degree, a student may also earn a variety of vendor neutral certifications in information security for example the Recognised Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) or the Systems Security Authorized Practitioner (SSCP) offered by (ISC) which is largely regarded as a standard in the market sector. The Security accreditation provided by CompTIA would also be a good credential to achieve.

There are ofcourse certifications that are devised to take advantage of technologies provided for by vendors, like Symantec or Cisco Systems. Quite a few college degree programs may even require or at least provide schooling special for these certifications which will look excellent on a resume next to a higher education degree. So consider this in evaluating potential universities.

Information security is an up and coming job holding a bright future for all those working within the information technologies industry. Due to the specialized expertise and training required combined with the increased need for these skilled individuals work choices are expected steadily grow.

For those potential college students who would prefer to work with modern technology and computers, information security is one specialization that must be strongly considered due to the culmination of sector growth, work security and compensation.

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