A bachelor degree in digital media production will teach you the essential leadership, computer science and engineering technology expertise you need to start your profession. With a bachelors degree in digital media production graduates will find employment in television and digital media production in a variety of diverse industries.

Summary of the an Digital Media Production Degree Program

In a bachelor degree program of digital media production you will obtain talent in film, audio and video creation, interactive media production and authoring, instructional design, re-editing, script writing and graphics. Your skills will provide you with a strong base of developing, scripting, directing and producing television and video programs. You will be an industry guru) with strong technical training. Due to the quickly changing area of mediated art, amusement and information, demand for specialist who understand the aesthetics of their medium is great.

Specific Skills You Will Learn

Students will learn to work in the studio or on a multi-camera remote. Digital media course students utilize Inscriber Character Generators, Echo Lab and Panasonic switchers, Mackie audio mixers, Lowell and Colortran lights and lighting controls, Clearcom intercoms, and Tektronix waveform monitors and vectorscopes. For post-production, students will edit on a wide range of editing systems like Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid. Digital media program student productions will be released on a native cable channel, on CDs, over the web, burned to DVD, on 16mm film and the oldordinary VHS.

Typical Coursework

Nonetheless coursework will vary depending on the school you select, typical topic of study in undergraduate degree programs include:

– Television Production Writing
– Computer Systems for Video
– Digital Imaging for Video
– Distance Learning Production

Career Fields You Will Be Prepared to Enter

In an undergraduate degree in digital media production you will gain firm skills in digital video and film with an emphasis in desktop post-production. You will use advanced software adopted by the industry currently for editing, compositing and visual effects. Such software may include Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Pro Tools and DVD Studio Pro. Upon finishing your degree you will have created a DVD Portfolio and demo reel that will amaze potiential employers. Graduates will be prepared for novices jobs such as production assistants, assistant editors and assistant producers.

Occupational Outlook For Digital Media Production Including Salary Information

According to, swz.salary.com, the national annual average pay for a person graduating with a bachelor degree in digital media droduction ranges from $64,457 to $84,334. Your salary will depend on the size of the business and area in which you are employed. According to gc.maricopa.edu, companies have realized the significance of television as an advertising media. More and more corporations are creating their own video creation section making certain the demand for audio and video production personnel constantly grows.

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