Take the next step of Your personal and professional developement!-

by Archbishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz


Keep Moving Towards Your Goals If you don’t have your dream job right now,
you obviously have to make some changes to get it.
It’s probably not going to fall into your lap.
The process looks a little different for everyone,
and that’s why Bob Pritchett’s new book,Start Next Now,
shows you how other people transitioned
to the jobs they always wanted.
More than a book, the digital edition of Start Next Now
gives you access to exclusive video interviews
sharing how successful entrepreneurs got started,
and the changes they made along the way.
In this sneak peek, Anne-Marie Faiola,
founder and CEO of Bramble Berry,
shares how her hobby became her job—
and then a multi-million dollar company:
Anne-Marie is just one of six people you’ll hear from
in the digital edition of Start Next Now.
Over 20 videos give you the chance
to pick the brains of others who have successfully
started their next big thing.
Whether it’s starting a non-profit
while working a full-time job,
the journey from cook to restaurant owner,
getting into real estate, or a totally different transition,
these interviews let you tap into the experience
of others who decided to pursue their dreams.
Author Bob Pritchett has already asked them
the hard questions—now you get to reap the benefits.
Start Next Now is about determining what changes
stand between you and your dream
and taking the steps you need to get there.
It’s a quick read with career-planning insights
that you can start applying right now.
But the digital version is more than a book
—it’s a career-planning toolkit.
When you get the book from,
you’ll get access to these exclusive interviews
(which supplement the steps outlined in the book)
, the audiobook, an epub edition you can download,
the Vyrso edition, and a special digital edition
with bonus content—including a plan of action
to help you start now.
You can also get the “everything” version
to get a print copy for $2 more.
Choose the reading experience
that best suites you, and start
your next big career move now.

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