ArchBishop Rachel BALAKRIS

ArchBishop Balakris

Reverend and also award doctorate servant for God almighty with “Burning and Lighting” in my body, spirit and soul. i have been australia for the past more then 8 years .I live in Melbourne Victoria born in singapore. I am 32 years old single, I was used in street evanglism in tasmania and adeliade Gospel Meetings, orgainse fire and miracle Crusades, attended bill johnson Leadership conference. Seminar, Christian Music Concerts and Conferences etc…The Lord uses me as a vessel and in the Healing Ministry and Leader of Inspiring Messages. I was anointed by the Lord Throught Bill Johnson Dr Paul Dinankaran Rolland baker and Dr Ravi zaccharics.I was in an international ministry for 7 years . i am into planting churches all around the world with join hands with brothers and sisters that loves serving Jesus and seeing the gospel to preach around the world . i was anointed by Dr .Paul dinanakaran and in his conference was praying for people. I have organised 100 pastors conference .We have organized many healing and gospel crusades at different states of India and Leadership and Pastor’s Seminars .My TestimonyI have a great testimony.I am a woman on fire for the Lord Jesus Christ with a moving in Prophetical Anointing and healing .I was in missionary School my school was funded by the church i grew there by knowing about Jesus .I met in an workplace boat accident i lost two top of fingers after the accident i was taken to the doctors they were surprise to see me so much in peace and not panic or show any kind of anixety .Because the Prince of Peace was with with me. When i was young i was afraid of injection to undergo major operation in australia was a big think for me. I was so confident in the Lord i when into the operation theatre knowing that I can be in peace because my daddy Jesus was with me . Operation was success. He blown my friends mind because the whole accident i was so calm to the extend i use the hospital to evanglist my friends to Christ . I pray for my friends and people whom came to visit me . That moment i became more fire for the Lord nothing can stop me from praising God with my bandage hand i lift up my fingers to the Lord and start praising him and praising him and Praising Jesus .So many great things the Lord have done in my life and He use my life to bless many peopleAnd then at the age of 19, The Lord God Almighty anointed me with the baptism of the Holy Spirit, from that moment the Lord started using me for His kingdom. I am a living witness for Jesus Christ the rest of my days.I did my political and law degree .God has also blessed me with many leadership trainings. International ministry leadership training Bill Johnson leadership training . I was also involved in church planting in hobart was a cord team leader and also livegroup creche deparmental leader. i was supporting Pastor Anwar from Issac Tv ) pakistan . I was invited by indian churches for crusades and pakistan crusades and church planting .In the secular world I worked more than 3 years in military and later is school as a human resources . the others years in different sector . more then 10 years working experience .I am sold out For Jesus Christ .i was awarded as doctor of divinity for God’s work . In march to preach in pastor conference in ipoh. In Melbourne preach in full gospel church and also shalom church .I have spoken in diocese n also did pastor conference n ordinate pastors under Our ministry Global hossan international ministry .have also dedicated church and I am arch bishop for aiic . Working with arch bishop Sebastian n arch bishop Alread Eric ROSENKRANZ

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