Ten part series of how to get rich,startup- The KingFisher Principle- by ArchBishop Rosenkranz

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How to get Super Rich with Internetmarketing

      using the Opportunity of

KingFisher Principles

at empowerednetwork.com

Part I:

When asking me to teach about getting  Super Rich, I started to look at the basic spiritual lessons, i wrote. By using the Kingfisher Principles You will have the opportunity in internetmarketing to get SUPER RICH. Pls listen to this and see the Video i made, to transform this to our todays Marketing Place.  

“JESUS” – sitting at the beach,

originally written in my blog rosary2007 preparing and eating  while the disciples are still earning fish. How can HE??? Let THEM work and HE is just resting??? YES- JESUS is GOD and HE has just catched the fish, HE is grilling! Should Peter and the other followers just sit with JESUS and eating the fish, HE catched? – No! THEY had to get in the cash-fish, like JESUS told them to do! =============================================== So, please, first get the nets in, then: count the fish (the money). then relax and have HOLY SUPPER with the LORD. Easy message, isn´t it? ================================================ So, this is the help: – we may send You the original CD/DVD with the FISHER Command-C BAIC CODE PROGRAMM TO COUNT THE CASH FISH. But this is even a challenge. If U did not do like the KFP teachings and U did not earn money from Internet, You do not need to count, right?? So once more: RMI has prepared the nets for YOU. We may give u 52 (and in success another 101) templates to design ur websites, to earn money from it. You just have to sign up at http://ROSARY.gogvo.com/index3.php . Pls make sure, U evenso are on RMI autoresponder, we invited You, so You will get up to date message. ============================== Remember- RMI INDIA has been founded in 9-11-09- we started SHTP´s to buzild up self-maintaining houeseholds. RMI is Self-organized: 7 founding pastors are executive board members and decide, what to do and what not to do. SELF-Multiplying PAstor Anand told us, that in March 2010 through his ministry more than 100 (!) new followers of JESUS came into RMI services. ===================================== BUT: like Reverend Sam Dasari explained, many young high-educated christians are still unemployed. We talked with many of them, on our last mission tour in Nov. 2009 and prayed for them. Some – most female RMI members are starting the ROSARY Perfume and Salvation Oil Production. We need more Internet-Specialists = Media Missionaries , to combine the very good results of direct face-to-face- evangelization with the Global Opportunity of Virtual Reality. =============================== Next lessons we show how campaigns of email autoresponder- messages help to bring in cash-fish. We do this like SHTP´s: EARN and learn! We are going to send our ebook: ROSARY-TEMPLAR`S Revelation (written in german) both in weblog and in campaign – mails (in short abstract in english). Everyone (not only RMI – members) can get : – absolutely free access to our ebook secrets, can choose: whether or not to sign up forhttp://rosary.gvo.com/index3.php and to get the webdesign templates as user and reseller (RMI-Memebrs get free Reseller rights! worth 149 €, that is about 10.000 Rupees!) ================================================ Is this a fair deal??? I MEAN; WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? Doing signs and wonders helping his followers to get cash-fish, revealing the will of HIS father teaching them the bible- showing You the reality of Prayer and Work. SO DO I! God bless U! ArchBishop Uwe A.E.Rosenkranz

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