How to get Rich- BE CREATIVE!- by ArchBishop ROSARY

Be CREATIVE- How to get Rich in six days.

“When You pray for rain,take care, You´ll have an umbrella with YOU!”

-The SIX DAY´s FORMULA by ArchBishop Uwe Rosenkranz

When we started our Global Ministry in 2009, we asked GOD (or in whom You might believe), to “OPEN THE FLOODGATES OF HEAVEN”!- and it happened! Now we prayed again, and: The EMPOWERNETWORK- gathering in CHICAGO is overflooded by water! YOU do not believe? Just have a look in the braking news! Pls listen to these two videos. One is a little funny. The other one- under loud music background circumstances 😉 is serious. Decide wich one You like best. Form8

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  In any case, be sure You make Your peace with Your creator. Be CREATIVE- use the time You´ce got- 6 day´s a week (and it shall be fulfilled!) Then take a rest! Even if You are E-Rich that means rich by electronical media, be creative to teach others to get rich. This is the 6 day´s formula to get Super-Rich, with ArchBishop Uwe A. ERICH Rosenkranz   take care that You made action, just fill in the form and be part of our success.

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