ROSARY GARDEN – Psalm meditation and MESUSA blessing, by Arch Bishop ROSARY


Edwin Hodder, 1837–1904 •

How sweet are Your words to my taste,

sweeter than honey to my mouth!

I gain understanding from Your precepts;

therefore I hate every wrong path. (Psalm 119:103, 104) •

For the child of God, the daily reading

of the Scriptures is the nourishment of the soul.


Every time we are preparing our Rosary Gardens for springtime, we see, whether the apple, sherry, plum and mirabilis trees have budded and we cut any dead wood out of it so that the clean developement of the whole garden is guaranteed to bring forth more and more sweet fruit.-

Remembering this, we meditate while working in the sun, on the Psalms and on the ROSARY PRAYER CHAIN.-

Actually we prepare our gardens and evenso our terassa, cellars and downstair sutterain arcades. Fo this reason we fixed a New MESUSA on the right hand of our main gates, including the PLASM 21 and the Prophet Jeremia´s pre-casting of the Kn ight of GOD (the Messiah). We have got these scriptures on original pergamentum from our Old, retiered Pastor Hermann Ruff, who printed this for us on the backside of an old Church- Organist pergament roll in HEBREW and in GERMAN.-

HOW SWEET ARE THESE WORDS and they lead us on our streight paths!

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