Loving Kindness – daily devotion with Arch Bishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz, RMI

• “With lovingkindness have I drawn thee.” •

Jeremiah 31:3 •

The thunders of the law

and the terrors of judgment

are all used to bring us to Christ;

but the final victory

is effected by lovingkindness.

The prodigal set out to his father’s house
 from a sense of need;
 but his father saw him a great way off, 
and ran to meet him; 
so that the last steps he took
 towards his father’s house...

The german word “KIND” means “CHILD”- kindly, friendly has the same semantic root.

Loving KINDNESS means, that friendlyness, which a father feels and shows to his children.

The fatherly LOVE ties with bondages of the burning heart to those who desire.

Why do the members of ROSARY Ministries International call me “DAD”?- Is it, because i am nominal and familar inkardinated to the brotherhood of the Most Holy ROSARY?- No- that´s not the main reason, it´s the aura of the loving kindness of the HOLY SPIRIT that reveales the AGAPE and Philos And Caritas LOVE like in familar relationships between a father and a son- or 🙂 a daughter!-

Religions like Buddism do have an expression for that in the riches of animals and human beeings, that is called “sympathy to beasts”- like in this nice picture of Buddha and his beloved ELEPHANT.Buddha with the Elephant Nalagiri

– In fact, i love my little persian silver shadow;

streamed,black nose CATS- my little Tigers:

BOBBY, DANNY, FRANCY, GINA and MUCKY are all around me.-

When vising an exhibition of LEONARDO Da VINCI in SIENNA, ITALY,

i saw some new restored drawings of this hero in arts and science from His little “domino Lions”.

He has allways be surrounded by his beautiful pets.

A speech sais:

“The stream of LOVE to all creatures comes from the same upspring, and the sweet well of kindness flows into a river of LOVE!”

Me, Arch Bishop ROSARY , I am practizing loving kindness meditation with the HOLY ROSARY PRAYER day by day. Other´s use meditations, blessings and prayers in a similyr mindset, like this:

“Leonis Blessing By: James Revels III Let a Lion’s heart of loving kindness, An eagles eye of refined sight, An elephant’s memory, The processing abillity of a super computer, The finese and beauty of a painter’s stroke, A wish made upon a star and, A dream come true; Be the gifts that you offer to others and the gifts you recieve back, with ∞%”

Pls take the time of this special day (in christian calendar it is the “Schalttag”- one special added 24 hours only once in a period of 4 years!-Take this time and have a look to the related articles to see, how sweet loving kindness can be interpreted!

To people in the world it is a secret, they cannot understand, but for chirdren of light is is a day and night reality! PRAISE THE LORD Jesus christ FOR his loving kindness!!!

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