The Holy Spirit as a dove in the Annunciation,...

• The future is in His care.

I know that while I trust Him, he will never fail me.

It does not seem to me, however,

that I have experienced so powerful a

baptism of the Holy Ghost as you have.

But it is a subject which I am

continually committing to the Lord Jesus.

It is His gift and I know He will give me

whatever he sees will be best for me.


There is a great annointing in beeing baptized in the spirit and with fire. We need this to be gifted and skilled to do our service according to the plan of GOD. Last Days, the leading Bishop and chairman of All India Independ Christian U n i o n and diocese gave honour to me as Arch-Bishop. This is in accetance of the devine revelation and destination, as they could apperently see in the works, GOD did with me in INDIA and all around the world. This is not the same like Ordination or inkardination, but is a real help in doing cooperation in respect and honour. This often is missing in other parts of the world- included my home country, GERMANY. Nevertheless, our GLOBAL MANDATE to spread in LOVE and PEACE increases by this accreditation. You can be part of this HOLY SPIRIT MOVEMENT online and meet with domain giving of GVO by parting with the team of Arch-Bishop ROSARY right now! Don´t wait any longer and take this global opportunity by clicking on the link.

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