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• “But Jonah rose up to flee unto Tarshish

from the presence of the Lord,

and went down to Joppa.” •

— Jonah 1:3 •

Instead of going to Nineveh to preach the Word,

as God bade him, Jonah disliked the work,

and went down to Joppa to escape from it.

There are occasions when

God’s servants shrink from duty.

But what is the consequence?

What did Jonah lose by his conduct?



This is my situation:

yesterday a befirended pastor

from our indian ministries asked

me to come and meet conferences

and conventions that he is going to conduct.

But he wants a fee from me.

I do not have that amount actually,

and all the trials,

to get some donations-

or let´s better say:

honeysucking for work and free

platform usage, that i have been

working out for some years to

let people profit from,

did not prosper.

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