PureLeverage, the socionomical destination to success-by ArchBishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

PureLeverage, the socionomical

Destination of success:

how to bridge over

critical controll points

by ArchBishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

English: Bushy Park House in Templeogue, Dubli...

English: Bushy Park House in Templeogue, Dublin, the Convent of the Sisters of the Religious of Christian Education (Our Lady’s School). The sisters bought the house and 20 acres of land including woodland and pond from Dublin Corporation in 1953. Five acres of woodland and pond were sold back to the city in 1991. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sometimes we need a “BRIDGE OVER“.

There are “Critical point“

-situations or Crucial GAPS in our life

, we have to face, and cross over.

Many Christians and Internetmarketer come to that point,

where they need this help. So am I.

Some time ago, I watched GOD.TV Missions Week

. There was great teaching about financial principles.

One message is: GOD allways acts according

to HIS revealed PRINCIPLES!

– So, here we go with KFP.

Another item is: Your “Nothing” in the desert

(acc.Matthew 14) is a blessed victim in the hands of GOD ALLMIGHTY.

He gives it back to You to brake it

and make it an increasing blessing for others.

So we experienced: (http://revrosary.org) .

Now, what does that mean concrete?

My local bank, i contacted yesterday

, was surprised, when they realized the changings of my status

. I am now Reverend, Bishop, Business owner,Charity fund raiser,

Diplom Engineer, Second Bachelor in Religious Education,

Patent holder and so on.

One single talk of about one her made it possible

to “Cross over the Bridge”.

It was easy. And a blessing.

This encouraged me to give more teaching

according to the Kingfisher Principles.

This turned out to be the crucial KEY in PureLeverage socionomics.

Deutsch: Münster, Petrus-Skulptur, Überwasserk...

Deutsch: Münster, Petrus-Skulptur, Überwasserkirche in Münster, Portal, Schlüsselsymbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another rule: My “Theoretical lessons” that combine

theology, science and mearketing strategy, came to the point:

Lesson KFP III showed the 2 TRIANGELS as growing developement.

153 BIG FISH shall be cought acc.

to the great fishery of apostel Peter.

Arcbishop coat of arms (version with pallium)

Arcbishop coat of arms (version with pallium) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We interpreted it as internet money.

Now we have 52 resale right templates and another 101 templates

, added together it is 153!!!

These templates are moneyfishing website design,

in biblical exegesis the rearranged nets in the two boats.


Next point that is proofed by scale (!sic!)

is the BINAIRE MATRIX of MLM, like we use with GVO.

At the 10th step the possible income with more than 2000 affiliates

is over 4600 $ a month.

The exact number of “DOWNLINE LEADS”

can be counted by the “PASQUALE TRIANGEL”(part III, IV).

So, does this make sense to YOU? BIBLICAL scales and numbers

take place in virtual business to

multiply You “NOTHING” into a “SOMETHING”

in the hands of GOD!

The pure knowledge and wisdom to handle it

is a bridge over troubled water :-)


I decided to be obidient to GOD

and give templates free for RMI-I members


)- get free access.

Everyone who does only want the templates

without the ideological, philosophical or theological background

;-) can get each template for ³ € (three EURO) only.

The whole GVO / PL package of 52 fish – ääh, sorry, templates :-) )

with 25% of it going to help earthquake victims

on HAITI cosats 149,00 $, 101 templates will cost 169,00 €

, when buying the first kit.

I think, this is very fair

. If u need more information, pls look a

t .

GOD bless u and make u a

growing blessing for others!

watch once more video

and show it to others,

that explaines the “wonderful increase of money-fish :-) !


YOUR´s in the financial mission fields globally-

Uwe Rosenkranz

ArchBishop ROSARY

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